GRATITUDE JOURNAL – tool changing lives, because grateful people say: “My life is amazing and I am rich person!”

What is GRATITUDE JOURNAL? It is a book offering you personal growth journey with a simple 19 pages guide and excersizes for you to discover the rest.

How does it work? Every day there is a morning and evening section with 5 exercises and the blank page for you to personalise your dreams, ideas, thoughts.

   What is special about GRATITUDE JOURNAL?

– It changes people’s lives;
– Creates habits of successful people;
– Attracts abundance into life;
– Changes relationships with people;
– Raises self-confidence;
– Creates positive environment;
– Helps to dream and love yourself; – This is a book to have for all grateful people!

Only 4-6 minutes a day, which everyone has!

“I finally took my GJ and started to fill it in. It made me feel so much better, I concentrated on all the good things about my life and I kept writing for 10 mins. I feel happy and full of joy, thankful for all the wonderful things I have around me and for all the beautiful things that happen to me everyday THANK YOU SO MUCH, thank you for creating something like the GJ, it truly is a beautiful thing.”

– Shouny Mora Granja, Entrepreneur

“Little BIG book. Probably it is the best way to describe GRATITUDE JOURNAL. Everything is very simple, because it is a tool to master your thoughts and change the way you look into the things and life. If you are not happy about something – start changing yourself first!

This is how did I change my life, everything around myself and faster than within 2 weeks! Now I can tell you – I feel great, I am surrounded with wonderful people and everything goes according the plan 😀 Thank you for the GRATITUDE JOURNAL and myself 😀 “

– Ugne Seremetaite, Marketing specialist






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Thank you for your desire to know our team!

I am Lina Nikitinaite – the author of GRATITUDE JOURNAL. Just like you, I have two arms, legs, eyes, ears, I have head on my shoulders, I am healthy, have a wonderful family, amazing man and belief that I can do anything, if I want to!!! 

Few years ago I asked my myself: “What is my purpose in this life?” The Universe responded to me: “To serve people!” Do you think I felt better? NO, because I felt desperate that I couldn’t help more people than just few around me, so I refered to the Universe again and I got advice: “Find a tool to serve people!” Few years later GRATITUDE JOURNAL was born. 

I am sincerely grateful for people, who believed in my idea from the very beginning. They were big support for me as well as a very big help than I need it most! Once on the GRATITUDE journey I experienced up’s and down’s, but I kept moving  forward because I saw GRATITUDE JOURNAL is truly helping people and changing their lives. I hope that years after I will sit calm and say: “Now I am calm, because I did everything to serve people in the best way I could!

From all my heart,
Lina Nikitinaite

Lovely day, grateful people!

I am Maarja Pihl-Bagdonas – the designer of GRATITUDE JOURNAL.

I would like to think of myself as a versatile artist, I love to experiment with different techniques and mediums. I have been drawing and painting for years, have studied interior design and lately have also started learning graphic design. I just love learning new skills and strongly believe that one learns throughout the life.
I have known Lina, the author of Gratitude Journal, for many years, she always had amazing views and ideas and such a powerful outlook, so when she approached me about her idea of Gratitude Journal, I was absolutely fascinated. It is not just a diary, it is a wonderful tool for finding yourself, finding your own happiness – this is why I am grateful to be part of Gratitude Journal. 
Lots of Love, 


Our PURPOSE – to make 1 000 000 happy and grateful people in the world!

Our MISION – to serve people and make the contribution to the world!

If all human beings would start serving each other, life would change tremendously! Remember that the Universe is full of abundance and we have to show that we are willing to receive it. GRATITUDE is the key, so let the magic happen 🙂


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